Atmospheric Seascapes: Online Course

Learn The Secrets Of Painting Seascapes In Watercolor.

Atmospheric seascapes is my new online course, It will take you step step through the painting process of four beautiful seascape moods and I’ll show you all my favorite seascape painting techniques.

4 video lessons. 93mins in total

  • Sandy beach at low tide
  • Headland with dramatic sky
  • Autumn skies over sandy beach
  • Waves breaking on a rocky shore

Hi I’m Andy Griffiths, my whole mission is to help you on your journey to becoming the best watercolor painter you can be.

Many people think that art is a talent that you either have, or don’t have but I know that it’s a skill that can be learned just like any other.

When we commit to learning, we get so much joy from it, I know because I’ve felt it in myself and heard it from the many who have reached out to tell me so.

“I’m a beginning watercolourist. I tend to paint too tightly ….to see how you hold your brush and how you paint your strokes. I painted these roses this afternoon… Thanks for making this tutorial and the video!


Thank you Andy- I’m a photographer (went to Art school in the late 70s) hated water color back then… I feel 20 steps behind everyone-and feeling like a fraud. Much easier to pick up my Nikon then a brush.. your tutorials are giving me a bit more confidence in a strange new land.


I am so pleased to have discovered your amazing online school…I have been painting with watercolours for soo long without success, (The information) is invaluable to me. Thank you

Lesley Ann

Atmospheric Seascapes Will Show You How To Paint…

Sea foam and rock textures

Realistic coastal features such as this rocky headland

Loose and lively seascape and landscape elements

The effect of wet sand with watery reflections


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