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My name is Andy Griffiths. I’ve worked as a professional artist for over 25 years. In 2004, I moved to New Zealand and continued my art career as a freelance illustrator producing illustrations and character designs for over 350 clients. I also regularly work as a teaching artist encouraging young people to take up art through the fun medium of cartooning and comic drawing workshops in my local area.

Let’s Solve The Watercolor Puzzle Together!

After many years working as an artist in the animation industry and later as a freelance illustrator and teaching artist, I learned that any artistic challenge can be broken down into a series of smaller challenges a bit like a puzzle box. Solve one problem before moving on to the next. This reduces the overwhelm factor that you commonly experience and makes your progress faster and less frustrating.

Watercolor is considered by many to be the most difficult painting medium of all. For good reason. Unlike acrylics, oils, or gouache you can’t easily cover up or fix your mistakes.

I decided to take up the challenge and rediscover watercolor painting. A medium that has always fascinated me. Art is a journey of discovery and I’d love you to come along with me on that journey.

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